As well as being responsible for the spreading of Christianity across the world, the Bible also spawned numerous conspiracies. Indeed, many draw their own …



  • I saw this

    Now im atheist

  • The last days are here the demonic ones we'll be called out commas gonna be terrible for the descendant of the carcases the did the African very bed rootless chillers and thes they are not part of God's creation they were created in the name of hail and hate god did not bless them with the tools to procreate as the kings of our African ancestors and that's the honest guys to the truth is hard to take I can understand that but we are the superior beings you are the This senate of weak people The white people can't take this son we drive of of the Sun this is a bunch of Lies As usual caucasians

  • Jesus Christ the people that he created would made in his image very dark skin and hair of war totally different looks we are not know are the corkagians desinit of hours they came from another part of the world we believe created like Darren said DE evolves we came through Adam-and-Eve told different people God-created us in his image in the name of love the Caucasian came in a name of hate kill and steal no gifts no blessent the end of man's universe that did not come from God Jesus nor his kind

  • Not a very religious person, but one word to sum up this video…is….


    DUMB ‼️

  • The stuff about Jesus being an alien is mainstream Christian belief. Just swap the word "alien" for divine being. The same thing with "aliens" being involved in Sodom and Gomorroh. The Bible says they were angels who visited Lot. Alien and angel are two different words for the same thing basically, No need to over-dramatize it.

  • You are wrong because you are talking from the Illuminati.

  • I like the Noah's arch theory haha

  • Created by Piso Raman Kings …

  • You are Georged already because you don't believe the world God and you don't believe in the son of God Jesus Christ

  • I really think the 9th may be real.😉

  • I’ve always wanted to know what happened to Jonah after Nienive

  • Religions a load of bullshit anyway 😂😂

  • 1:05 admitted possible forgery written centuries later. #9 Jesus never existed? So who were the 'Christians' they were persecuting BEFORE Constantine Caesar? Even the Roman's own records show the existence of Jesus, and that he was executed at the orders of Pilate. #8 is based on false belief #1. Problem 1. No record in scripture of Jesus telling Paul to marry anyone. 2. Suggestions from scripture are that Paul may well have been unmarried himself (not definitive but I hope you will allow me the possible interpretation) 3. If King Arthur (who also may not have existed) actually was the descendant of such a union wouldn't he HAVE the so called holy grail to start with? Wouldn't it be a family heirloom? #7 Tower of Babel is a rocket launcher? Here's another theory for you. Nimrod was against God. He knew God had sent a flood. He was trying to build a tower tall enough to reach above the highest mountains and sealed it with tar (that is waterproofed it) Scripture doesn't say God destroyed the tower, only that he confused the languages and they left off building it. #6 a computer? Lets see. The earth was formed to be inhabited, the sun and moon are for light, the stars are to mark signs and seasons. I'm sure some others could point out other facts, but a lot of the rest is unfounded speculation #5 You can still find little balls of sulphur in the area today where they believe Sodom and Gomorrah used to be. Oh and the alien spy thing for Lot doesn't make sense, otherwise his wife and daughters should have been alien spies too and therefore ALL made it out. Heck, why not pick them up in the spaceship just outside the city if you don't want to tip off the locals? And if you can send a nuclear bomb why do angels need to be at ground zero for it to work? Pretty limited alien tech if you ask me. #4 And God formed Adam from the dust of the earth. Another scripture says "and the old world having perished by water" Lets see does Mars show signs of having perished by water? Maybe, I personally don't know. However THIS planet is STILL 70% covered by water with huge reservoirs underground. Everywhere you go if you dig deep enough you will hit water sooner or later and even mountain tops have fossils of seashells like maybe they were underwater? (go figure) #3 7:47 You said it yourself, Jesus was a real person in his own right. #2 No chariot recorded in scripture for the Messiah, no idea where you got that one from. If he's an alien why waste 30 plus years of your life on a foreign planet playing god to the natives and then getting yourself killed? Why not just take over? After all, that's what the Jews were expecting? Or why not get born into the family of the Roman Emperor? That would make more sense. Most of the people of that time would have easily adjusted to an immortal demi-god ruling over them. #1 An ocean of water 600 km below the earth's surface? I am not denying the possibility but what instruments did he use to detect that? Pretty sure no one has dug a hole that deep just yet. Title of this video should say "Non-biblical theories about scripture" because nearly all of them made no reference to scripture at all.

  • God is not something that you are gonna find in church is not something that you are gonna find in the Bible God is not something that you are gonna get to see God is something that you feel when you pray to him he comes into your body is a beautiful feeling if you want to find out is he's real pray tonight and say that you believe in him and keep praying apologize for all bad all sin ask for forgiveness and when you get the feeling the sensation is of something amazing something good I can't explain just do it and you'll see what I'm talking about ok?? And after that you'll laugh at this videos and go back to him every night if you can't do it every day is ok he will understand he's not a bad god if you are Los in drugs he can save you he'll give you time to get better it don't matter if you relapse again keep on praying and trying until he sees that you really want to qui then he will make he's move don't go to a rehab or ok go but take god with you don't do other drugs (medicine) to get better don't become a lab 🐀 rat Jesus and god can save you but you must believe it ll take time ok don't lose faith for any reason he's waiting for you but don't expect change in 1/3/ days it may take months ok go pray to him and leave for ever / god bless

  • Sciences concepts on creationism is the real lie the earth flat and there’s a dome firmament that’s why nobody went to the moon or space

  • No,I know the real God. don't ask me wait for your time

  • Garden of eden is in Missouri? soon they will claim Jesus was an American hmm sound logical order now hmm…

  • Do not make such a imaginary story because everything in the bible is always right and no one should question it. this conspiracy is false and just a stupid rumor the only one that we should believed is god is our savior!!!!!😇

  • jebus def buttfucked her !!

  • Can t believe how much bullshit you want to sell here.

  • God forgive them ….

  • Science is just trying to prove what it does not understand.God is real fullstop

  • I dont believe any of this so called conspiracies I know that the nwo elites want to brainwash people and change every bible aspect that's why I believe God is always good and have faith in this harsh modern times

  • I actually really appreciate these theories. There open-minded and take real deep thought instead of just going by what your told.

  • Only the 6th one is true

  • How about this MINE
    The Holy Spirit Is Perceived As A Light (Space Craft) and Virgin Mary Thinks she was gifted buy the holy spirit and had a child (she was abducted and impregnated buy aliens and sent back and only recalls seing a light and said is a miracle and then her baby is half human and alien and can make miracles and revives / reanimates himself and cam back to life and they believed mary and mary and them dont know of anything that isn't an animal that can fly so that dont know what would be a ufo craft back then👽🌎🔥👌😎😶👽

  • a book of bullshit with an archive still at the vatican not yet printed, every year there is a new edition of the bible if they want to change a few texts inside to prove unbelievers/scientists wrong… interesting how the bible went away from the cuck story of joseph and god to concentrating on the bastard child

  • ugg christians.. smh. the bible is fake. lol. its gibrish story tales… read a real religion… fools.

  • I have studied many different religions what I found in Catholicism Catholics Christian's Jehovah's witness in a rolly holy roller Church they all mimic one another this is why I am a purist and I am an atheist

  • The Bible is nothing more than a novel from someone who was bored in some Dungeon filled with Paranoia…

  • All these conspiracies are just stupid. Lies lies lies, all of them are lies.

  • Someone should make an anime of this

  • I thought I was watching biblical theories not alien theories

  • Enlighten yourself with knowledge, not stories. All b. s.

  • Who ever came up with these were on drugs hard smh

  • They forgot the 1about Jesus being a mushroom.

  • If romans created christianity why then many disciples of christ were ready to die for this religion. They travel many place and get killed.

  • It think Jesus is clampton

  • I like the one that said the Bible is Caesar Fanfiction.

    Oh and the one that the tower of Bable was an alien bomb to counter god‘s wrath.

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