8 things you really need to know about milk today

by admin

We have seen commercials and advertisements for milk our whole life. Such things as the quote “milk has something for everybody”, and many many more slogans and commercials that have pushed milk in our face for years. But like anything, especially these days, the truth is not always as it seems. Though milk is good food, it’s not what it once was. In fact, milk these days can be rather dangerous to you. Here are a few things to take into consideration next time you’re thinking about picking up that gallon of milk.

It’s not like it used to be
In the old days, the milkman used to deliver milk to your door. This was fresh milk, that came from a farm, even if it was a dairy farm. In fact, the milk would even separate she would have cream and fats would rise to the top. This milk was much more wholesome than the milk you get today. What you may not realize, is that today all the milk is dried milk. What?! What did you say? I don’t drink dried milk! Well, we hate to tell you, but yes you do. All that milk is trucked across the country in powdered form, then it is reconstituted as milk and put into gallon bottles and sold in the markets. They just don’t tell you that. Think about it logically, if you powdered the milk and put it into a truck how many gallons more milk when that produce than trying to fill a tanker full of actual milk. It just makes monetary sense to do it that way.

Hormones and antibiotics for the cow
Milk is not like it used to be, and cows are not like the used to be. The days of cows being in the field and people milking them are long gone except for the small farms. Cows are a cash crop these days. They’re pumped full of hormones and antibiotics to keep the milk flowing. Cows are forced to produce 10 to 20 times more milk, if not more, a year that a normal cow would. Cows are Pregnant and kept giving birth, to keep them producing milk, and hormones add to that. The antibiotics are to keep the cow from getting too sick and to kill the bacteria from the ill health and sores from producing that much milk. Just do a Google search for “puss in milk” and you’ll stop drinking milk.

Hormones for you
All those hormones get bumped into a cow also carried across to you. They can cause all sorts of bodily changes that you did not intend. It is been shown that drinking milk will also increase the amount of acne that you get. And is anybody that knows about an act he will tell you, acne is based on your home loans. No can cause all sorts of other unusual things just by offsetting the hormones in your system. Remember as well, that this is cows milk and not humans milk so it was never really intended for humans. Though of course cows milk can be healthy if done the right way as has been shown for hundreds of years if not thousands of years.

Lactose intolerant
More than half the world is lactose intolerant in some form or another. Some of it is so severe that they cannot have any dairy products at all. So if you say to yourself, why is half the world lactose intolerant, it sort of says that we should not be drinking that much milk. A lot of people that are mildly lactose intolerant still drink milk, but they definitely shouldn’t. There are ways you can get around lactose intolerance, but if your body is telling you that you should be having something, then you should.

A lot of people can have allergies to milk, and we don’t mean lactose intolerance. Allergies can be incredibly dangerous. Even small children can be allergic to milk, it’s not very common, but it does happen. This needs to be taking care of him very careful. Because if you have too much milk, you can going to anaphylactic shock and die. I know that is a little bit of doom and gloom and scary, but sometimes you need to be scared to make sure you’re safe. So take all allergies seriously.

Raw milk
Raw milk is more like the milk used to get in the old days. There are quite a few companies that produce raw milk and sell it. There has been a tremendous campaign from the milk industry against raw milk companies, with a massive spread of disinformation, basically fear tactics. Strangely enough, raw milk is much safer than the milk you get the market. The company claims that it can have high amounts of bacteria that can cause damage to you. But because of the campaigns against raw milk, they are inspected so carefully and tested so often, that their milk is probably the most harmful bacteria free of any milk out there. The milk is also not heat-treated to kill everything in which all milk that is sold in the market is, pasteurized and homogenized. This gives you a lot of beneficial bacteria in your system. People that are lactose intolerant, can drink raw milk without problems very often, while the milk from the market will make them sick. As for the bacteria, it’s a bit like yogurt, the whole reason you’re taking yogurt is for the bacteria, but all them yogurt you by the market is pasteurized which means all the bacteria are dead, so it doesn’t do a damn thing doesn’t?

Less calcium, not more
We have been told that milk increases the amount of calcium in your body, in fact, that is been one of the largest selling points of the milk industry for as long as I can remember. When you go shop for milk, go look at the label and you’ll almost always see it says a good source of calcium. Interestingly enough, milk is acidic and the body needs calcium to break the milk down. It uses the calcium it’s in the milk to break the milk down, but that generally is not enough so it needs to take the calcium from you. So the net result is you are burning calcium when you drink milk and you have less calcium than you did before. There have been many studies that show that drinking milk can increase your chance of bone fractures. But you don’t hear about that very much do. So don’t believe us, just Google can milk because of bone fractures.

There are studies that have shown that increases the risk of prostate and ovarian cancers. Although we don’t want to get into big C word, this is also something that has to be considered. We’re not sure if this would carry over if they used raw milk or milk from the old days, or if a lot of the health problems are caused by the very fact of the way milk is treated today, but if you look at the number of cancers that people had in the past, and the number of cancers that people have today, you will be quite surprised how few had them back then compared to now. We are not saying that milk is the cause of all this, but it’s one thing to be concerned about and removed from your diet if you need it.

Unfortunately, if they suddenly found out the milk major gross second head, or have some fatal disease, they would still not stop selling it. Why? Because there’s just too much money. You can say to yourself that that would never happen, but all you have to do is look at the hundreds of different products that are out there that have been clinically shown to be dangerous, everything from foods to drugs, things that they have known for years that cause death and disease, and they still sell them. Large corporations don’t have a hard, they’re not people, they only care about the bottom line. The only one that cares about you, is you. So whatever you put in your body, you need to do the research and understand it. We believe that if everybody took the care to do real research on what the eight and drank that there would be a lot less disease and death in the world. You can’t trust anybody except yourself sometimes.

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