With Apple, as with any major organization, people tend to question the true motives of every major decision the company makes. Some of these theories can be …



  • 0:55 "not only Apple" That part is interesting to me. I got an Android 6 phone in mid-2017 and it's still on Android 6. Now the manufacturer has discontinued it, but still, it annoys me still that they had shipped a significantly dated version of Android on it and just didn't give a flying f*** about it a few months later. Worst of all, there are no more security updates for Android 6.

  • Once my iPhone 6+ crashed and I couldn’t use it for a week

  • The problem with the planned obsolescence theory is that all technology slows down over time

  • i just want to know even the iphone 6s has haptic engine and a headphone jack too but why not in iphone 7

  • I’m curious to why the air pods are NEVER in stock. I have a few friends that work for Verizon, And they said that they only get Two sets of Pods at a time. So, you have to order them and wait a week or so ( most people) ., I’m extremely paranoid lol so Whaaaaat if the air pod orders are being input into some system by customers name and then decided what form of spyware they are going to input to these air pods before they send them out. Orrrrrr the long wait is just a plan to make most people want them even more. Idk but it’s weird even if my two suspicions are incorrect.

  • You deserve A million subscribers… I am a big Apple fan and its only you who gives correct and in-depth information on everything about apple…great work brother.😇😇

  • Bro, Greg I think you don't know about iPhone 5s getting iOS 12…so that it can run more faster and smoother. And you say Apple is doing planned obsolescence…and it's proven that those old iPhones have got faster and snappier in day to day tasks.

  • #1
    My old I phone lasted 4 yrs. (my parents bought it used cause I was young) it started acting EXTREMELY weird the battery lasted 10 minuets, it turned off randomly, it stayed really hot even when not in use, and it glitched. I recently bought the iPhone 7 Plus. It is sooo much better but sooo much money like dang😂

  • Your wrong bc my dad fixed my iPhone 6s and now it’s perfectly fine, he fixed my screen when it was cracked

  • Why no mention of the 666 pricetag theory on the first Apple PC?

  • 8:30, if you have “Require attention for Face ID” turned on, you can simply close your eyes, or refrain from looking at your phone and avoid this situation. There are also Privacy Laws in effect that legally protect you in this situation.

  • Wireless means more ping to the brain's…

  • Planned obselesence isn't a conspiracy! Apple has already admitted they did that!

  • 8:30 uhh coz that's illegal and the PD will get sued for it


  • I wish I could downvote this video more than once! it's so freaking wrong.

    Also watch Louis Rossmann. he has videos about How cheap and greedy Apple can be. All companies suck and are evil but Apple is one of the worst…

    they didn't become the first billion-dollar company by being nice!

  • Come on….. It's not a Conspiracy Theory it's common sense IMO!
    The T2 Chip makes lots of repairs impossible unless you run Apple's Software which they can only use.
    they're greedy.
    why else would they glue the batteries to the top case with what they use in buildings? Asus Dell and so many others use small normal screws or easy to remove glue and they have no issue.

    also they removed the headphone jack to sell airpods and dongles.
    everything they sell is overpriced.

    they only released iOS 12 after the controversy and the ton of talk about planned obsolences and Battery issues and throttling

    not sure about the battery but like my dad's s7 edge which is 2-3 years old never crashed from what I know and has 70% maximum capacity according to an app! the only thing that can happen is shutdowns at 20% all the sudden

  • The one about the reparing is ridiculous. In my countries, including mine, there are plenty of people who repair apple devices for much less money than apple itself.

  • The removal of the headphone jack is for a larger battery.

  • 4:24 Did you convenently forgot that litereally nothing on a modern macbook is user replaceable, while on most windows laptops you can upgrade at least the storage and ram, and replace the battery?

  • Ever heard of the Frequency Illusion?

  • lol I don't care about the headphone jack. I'm glad they removed it.

  • No one has any clue why Apple actually remove the headphone jack! The only actual reason is because Apple was too cheap to spend millions of dollars on market research and development to figure out how to waterproof the headphone jack other companies did it and they didn't want to pay them a royalty cuz they're too cheap

  • You're a Kiss Ass Apple fan.

  • 🔵🔴

  • New theory: Steve Jobs faked his death to replace Tim Cook in a body suit in a radical marketing move.

  • As a lawyer, I meet with planned obsolescence every day – this is a fact, not a conspiracy theory. They get caught and finded all the time

  • The propriety screws aren't any stronger becuase only the head of the screw is different. The head doesn't make the screw any tougher. The propriety head only makes repairs tougher.

  • There is no excuse for sealing in a phone's battery. Making it bigger? No. My LG G4 has a bigger battery than most iphones and it's battery is removable. There is also no excuse for removing features like the headphone jack. Shame on you apple.

  • Note that Apple SUES people who repair your Apple products. That is not covered up by some innocent "I want to add better hardware!", it's deliberate oppression over right to repair and customer rights in general.

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