Jeremy Corbell joins Dave Rubin to discuss everything from aliens, UFO’s, Area 51 and much more. ***Subscribe to RYOT for more: …



  • You will never be able to time travel

  • Bob spoke cause they wanted him too. He told what they wanted to tell.

  • I very badly want to work at Area 51 to see if all these conspiracies are true, such as aliens, etc.

  • About who finds who first and whichever will destroy each other first Steven hawking had a similar theory that we would wipe them out but a good counter was made by Neil degrasse Tyson on joe rogens show

  • No,They are actually very peaceful.and just want to co-habitate with Us.Their planets are becoming uninhabitable…Theu are scared of Us cuz they see how many violent acts are made all over the place ,and also they habe nonidea who to trust.

  • man that's the American way of dealing with aliens honestly

  • Can verify: I’m a hick from KY and I’ve never met an alien. (As far as I know)

  • The second guy to speak, does not match his hair.

  • Area 51 was made in 1955 when on their project U-2 code name Aquatone that during a test flight we on fire. Area 51 s an Air Force base in Nevada by groom lake. The place is heavily guarded with warning signs all around. Like area 52 in Utah. Very little people know about area 52. People have claimed for Alien sighting around Area 51. But who knows? Anything can happen.

  • Did anyone notice how cautious he was about anything he said?🤨

  • This dude is comparing Aliens to a terrible movie about blue people? Really? This host is a douchebag.

  • there is no area 51 but aliens are humans in the face of aliens Area 51 where they prepare UFO

  • Question is who is the head of these decisions if it's not are president is it CIA Pentagon or one person whom we never heard of…

  • Is he gonna die now?

  • It’s 1am why am I here

  • My question is why can't we go into area 51 what is the big deal

  • He’s not “keeping secrets”

  • I will tell you right now never go to Hopkinsville Ky next to Fort Campbell military base! I am originally from Florida and ive seen my fair share of UFO's but I moved to KY not to long ago and then one day I ended up living in Hopkinsville KY for a good 6 months and living in this really old apartment Complex literally 3 miles from where the Kelly alien incident occurred. I didn't even know about this being a thing until I was watching some alien vids one night and heard about it. Since this occurred so close to me I went looking for this old farm house and it wasn't there anymore because It was torn down, I go back home and my girlfriend and I go to sleep but she had trouble going to sleep because she said she was creeped out and didn't feel right. I wake up at 12:00 am to her screaming for her life like we are getting robbed but she was screaming bloody murder and pointing at my feet and I go to look and this 3 foot white creature was at the end of the bed with its dark large eyes and childish features….. It was literally only there for half a second before it ducked and disappeared which makes no sense. I started looking into Hopkinsville more and found out these people are such strong believers of what happened at the Kelly family farm house that they still to this day have a festival every year called the little green man festival. The entire town feels like a cult and from what I have read the aliens/goblins live in the old mine shafts of Hopkinsville. Also every time we would come back from Nashville we would see UFO's over Fort Campbell.

  • I am possessed by these beings at area 51 (also known as Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation) and they are manipulating my chakras. They can jerk me around and control me like a puppet. They are burrowing into my root chakras. This allows them to control my reality and shift me into another dimension or timeline (maybe phantom earth). They are nothing like how they present themselves (human-like). They are completely non-human. They are like biological machines.

  • hey , city boy………. i got your "hick"

  • My Battle buddy and I took a road trip to Las Vegas and we drove from Texas. When driving through Arizona we saw an air craft that looked like a triangle hovering in mid air. But it was moving forward and turning while stationary. It was crazy. Later I found out Area 51 is in Arizona lol

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