Dairy Farmers Forced to Pull Misleading Ads

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An advocacy group for dairy farmers was recently forced to pull a misleading advertisement claiming there are no growth hormones in Canadian milk.

The advertisement – run by the Dairy Farmers of Canada – shows a farmer in front of a field with the message “there are zero growth hormones in milk produced in Canada. Like, none,” written out in the clouds.

Citizens filed complaints to Ad Standards over the advertisement, noting the group’s claim is completely false. According to animal rights organization Animal Justice, all cow’s milk contains a naturally-occurring growth hormone called IGF-1, “which helps turn baby calves into thousand-pound adults.”

Jenny McQueen, an animal rights activist from Toronto, is one of many who submitted a complaint to Ad Standards, BNN Bloomberg reports. Her response from the regulatory body read, “We were informed by the advertiser that, upon receipt of your complaint, the ad has been permanently withdrawn.”



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