David Icke is asked about conspiracy theories around 9/11 and lizards in Buckingham Palace. The former footballer and TV presenter spoke to Andrew Neil, Liz …



  • It is simple. Our planet is controlled and run by by people that have trouble distinguishing between want and need. Want is the only driving force that motivates them. Want therefore is their need. Nothing is allowed to come between them and their wants. That is the root of all our conflicts.

  • The king of the potato people will be pleased

  • The whole reason the bbc scum asked David on the show was to make him look like a fool. The bbc are up to their necks in conpiricies and do not want people finding out any truths so they try to keep people from bothering to look into them.
    The bbc clearly conspired against David here. That in itself should make people believe that conspiricies happen.

  • Sad. That man has gone absolutely bonkers.

  • 'everything has been investigated' has it Andrew Neil? BULLSHIT

  • If there's just one proof for a conspiracy theory, it's no longer a theory.

  • Andrew Neil…Not once have I watched you and thought anything positive about your views or conduct….BBC puppet sold his soul for money!!

  • how about the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915.
    conspiracy fact.

  • Typical BBC. Propaganda machine only.

  • Mainstream is accusing people for conspiracy theories. Yet, mainstream is forcing the greatest conspiracy theory of all – the (islam) terrorism. The real truth is, its CIA find some lunatics and give them weapons and look on the other side. Or, the do it by themselves. Like 9/11 …

  • 911 bbc reporter stood in front of tower 7 reporting it fell down minutes before it did. Also BBC aware of pedo Jimmy Savile for decades and did nothing. You' re part of the problem but people are waking up

  • Lazy People do not investegate. They are too naive and in to this world. One can not have a good intulektual conveersation with this type of humans. Becauae they are too fu…. Ing primitive and locked in. 25 percent of world citicent can auktually do understand what David talking about.. The rest 75 has not opend their advanced dna string.. There 4 they redicule all this.. 2 they belongs to illuminati.

  • If the government was to actually give the people an education then they wouldnt be intellectual lazy lol…….c**t !!

  • Before america invaded iraq, afghanistan etc…. opium was expensive, after it was cheap. So let me ask, who took the opium from the east and sold it? Yes you are right. CIA, DEA and so on…. hehehe

  • Whilst I agree there are many unresolved issues regarding 911 and other world events…..the remark about shape shifting lizards and his earlier statement about him being a reincarnation of Christ can only mean Mr Ike is rather odd!

  • Fuck the bbc and its peodo rings do not pay your licence

  • it’s like watching a parent trying to tell his kids santa doesn’t exist 😂 they can’t take it… tbh this is expected seeing as they’re from the worn out mk ultra generation , the dangerously educated baffoons 😂 … just look at how one-dimensional and emotional the lady is when she answers ‘no, never’ … reminds me of family guy, when meg comes out of prison and makes peter punch his kid in the nose 😂 (i did good right? i did good 😂) … and they think bullying will make us change our minds? 😂 not in the generation of the underdog you ejaculatory mistakes, go read a book about something you agree with and gain more false ego

  • I'm surprised that David would be interested in appearing on the show that perpetuates the mainstream rubbish. David I have the utmost respect for the work that you do. I may not agree with you on everything but I applaud the fact that you are asking questions about the establishment. Heavens knows that they are the biggest liars around.

  • Well, a 2 years old world could indeed be chaotic. However, our world is somewhat older than that. And what do you think, have all of the orders, clubs, rich families and dinasties been doing all this time? Just starring with wonder at the "chaotic" world?

  • Arrogant Tory scum pretending they've never heard of Karl Marx … David's expression on listening to their replies is priceless. Big up to Mr Turquoise Shell Suit every time

  • The funniest thing is that the BBC streams things like "HOMELAND" which obviously it's all about "Government's and conspiracy's".
    LOL! WF joke are this guys.

  • "Iraq was a foreign policy mistake"

    Those people aren't journalists. They're paid actors used to influence people's minds.

  • Governments conspire every day. Countries conspire against each other, look at what the cold war did for conspiracies. The second a conspiracy becomes visible in the shadows those who see in the shadows gwt call mad, insane, trouble makers. Guy Fawkes clearly not a conspiracy until someone wanted to make money writing history books.
    The BBC again playing hide the evidence with ridicule card.

  • I admire David Icke's resilience

  • Legenda ou áudio em portugues ( brasil ) !!! Obrigado .

  • Absolute Legend, Love David Icke , read a large percentage of his books, just started his new one, "Everything you need to know"
    The man is truly amazing

  • If there were none (conspiracies) then the world would be simplistic and life would be easy but without them why do we not know everything there is to know that governments and companies and conglomerates are up to when we see things being shown to have happened after the fact and there is always denial and hidden objectives being played out even though it can’t necessarily be proved at the time.

  • Neil is a puppet. Icke is a free thinker

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