Explore the truth behind the iconic Buzz Aldrin moon landing photo. See how modern graphics innovations can shed new light on a 45-year-old conspiracy …



  • I do blame the us gov't for part of this problem for not stating facts to the public to counter act the conspiracy that has evolved over the years and let it get way out of hand to say the very least. Conspiracy by webster is a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful, such as a plot, scheme, collustion, even treason or evils by a indirect means. Now lets look at the money involved in this moon landing around 31 billion dollars in 1969 what would that be in todays money a heck of a lot of money in todays standard for sure. This is the DAH effect , do the people at nasa do anything for being paid i really think so or they would not be there. Did nasa have the means to put a man on the moon and bring them back yes they did such as it was. There is enough proof to sink a battle ship and them some. What is the reason to start a conspiracy to start in the first place, well that is very interesting to think about, someone with a axe to grind with nasa or the Us Gov't or a former worker or sub constractor maybe. All it takes today is some stupid person to find some angle to twist it in a manner as to make sense to someone with access to the media and get it rolling or think that they have a edge over the real truth that a moon landing did not happen. I will leave you with this startling fact and you can look it up, there is a mirror plate on the moon surface that was placed there by Astronauts from usa so they can determine the distance from earth to the moon by way of a laser beam and it is able to figure out how much further the moon has moved away from earth. Which is about a little over a inch a year give or take some, this is a known fact .

  • Armstrong : “We were never able to see stars from the lunar surface or on the daylight side of the moon by eye without looking through the optics.”
    Colins (who only ever observed from orbit) : “I don’t remember seeing any.”
    I'm sorry, but photography arguments aside, there are bigger dependencies we should be focusing on from these missions.

  • That's why President Kennedy paid for his sins and got assassinated because of the false story he raised to the public and to the whole world!

  • I agree with JMaldonado64. Its so VERY HARD to listen to and discuss anything with hoaxers and conspiracy people. they are uneducated and stubborn. they are ideologs. they don't trust people based on what they do for a living. they disqualify in their minds ANY EXPERT that come along, because they think that expert is a government shill. so how to you teach others who won't change their premise???

  • THIS VID IS IMPORTANT and debunks a lot of the obnoxio trolls and bots and conspiracy freaks who hate NASA and doubt the moonland and also believe the Earth is flat. Its funny. ONLY UNTIL THE INTERNET AND ESPECIALLY YOUTUBE WAS BORN, did the conspiracies about moon landing hoaxes grow and grow. NVIDIA, your scientific videos are important because they show people doing the hard work of science and experimentation and research that clearly shows THE MOON LANDINGS AND WALKS WERE NOT FAKE.

  • One small step for Man one big lie for mankind,
    Now they lost the technology to go back today…
    What a bunch of NAZI Freemason devils lying bastards…..

  • And They're going back in 5 yrs time to Mine It LMFAO 😂

  • Look, it's not that hard to figure out. We can't go beyond low earth orbit now = we did not go then = we have been lied to by NASA and our government. ( Nixon Administration) Wake up! It was just a TV show with a very large special effects budget funded by the gullible public of the late 1960's and early 1970's. That generation would believe anything they saw on TV asserted as real. If you are so naive as to believe the Apollo missions were real you can be fooled into believing just about anything.

  • would have cooked to death

  • This guy, Lucas Magder, is just a coincidence he looks like a lizard.
    I don't believe he is a lizard.
    He is simply an American stupid kid who looks like a lizard.

  • Nvidia's logo is the all seeing eye. Just saying.

  • The main evidence is look at everything, it is too CLEAN, and Where is the Landing CRATER. (mike drop)

  • If anyone thinks that men have been to the moon this evidence will show you the truth. https://youtu.be/W48-xWvyn-Q

  • Now that explains everything. I'll never question anything again.

  • Space is fake no matter how you tell me because you where all damn liars

  • go out tonight take a photo of the stars and see if you see anything. in the photo

  • Why is it we can't go back to the moon again? If we did want to go back what did they say the reason is that we can't? If there is video proof of Armstrong on video faking being halfway to the moon how could he be able to get there so fast and make that famous quote we all know?

  • Forget the stars! How was it possible to communicate and conduct a dialog with astronats on the moon with no delay?!!!!!! Check:

    Moon Hoax; Apollo Transmissions, Case Closed!

    if it is still available on Youtube. It is high school physic.

  • Great! Now render the Van Allan radiation belts and calculate how many times over that they would have died passing through twice…

  • How about a Loud redneck HELL YEAH from all you government worshipping slack jawed mouth breathers who still believe American government's nasa ever sent anyone to the moon…….let alone through the Van Allen radiation belts.

  • Lets go to moon again then

  • A so called moon rock was studied by Dutch scientists and found to be a piece of petrified wood according to the BBC.

  • Ever since when I was young, I seen clips of the first man walking on the moon and I said "Where are the stars?" So I knew this was fake.

  • If that cardboard box landed on the moon it means we live on the moon. And these morons with the straight face trying to convince that this happened. And if you believe that it was real then you're an idiot.

  • 2:36 "the moon has no atmosphere bla bla, you can't see stars – " well we all learned that stars are fireballs like the sun, they have their own light, don't need the sun, so yeah, we should be able to see them regardless. That's not the point anyway, neil armstrong and the other guy said they couldn't see anything, but years later the other guy said otherwise.

  • Debunk this:

    1. Getting past Van Allen Radiation belts
    2. Aiming a rocket at a celestial body that is constantly moving at a great speed. How does a rocket fly in parabolic curve through vacuum?

  • STFU they are using your GPU's for better CGi LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • On the photo at 2:44, the whole side of the lunar module is completely pitch black, yet they argue that buzz would be lit up by reflecting light, yet i don't understand how the side of the lunar module in the shadow is completely dark, as dark as the sky behind. Following their theory of light reflection, shouldn't the lunar module at least be partly lit up because of the light reflection?

  • I haved message from Gus grissom to you nvidia

  • Year 2080 Vlogging in moon

  • You know what pisses me off? All of this can be solved by going there again.

  • Yeah it would look real as any of the photos we saw, because they’d both be fake. You can’t claim Armstrong as being that strong reflecting light, because he’s not in the Suns light when we can see it in other videos, he’s in the shadow next to Aldrin next to the ladder.

  • If Armstrong was reflecting this bright light, why can it be seen in other videos where they’re standing right next to each other in the shadow near the ladder ???

  • They where not stats liars chine went first to the moon

  • what truth ,
    nvidia is for making amazing graphics.just that

  • You actually can't see stars in space

  • Explain the lack of any disturbance of the dust under the Lunar module despite the force of the rocket used to land being enough to drill a 5' crater in that dust.

  • If camera of that age couldn't capture light from the stars then how that camera captured light from buzz aldrin with just Armstrong acting as second source of light. What ever we see in the simulation is the highest possible rendering close to natural appearance visible to the eye but what happens to it when that is captured in a camera of that age. That's not simulated right?

  • They say we don't have the technology to go there anymore, we destroyed the technology and it's painful to regain. Technology, this was the quote from a leading astronaut. They also say the erased all the tapes of the Apollo missions to save money and they reuse the tapes, this was supposed to be the greatest achievement of mankind and the destroyed all the tapes because of budgets? Nobody has gone back since 1972? What other major discovery has not been attempted Again by another country 4 over 49 years

  • Que un friki o retrasado mental sin vida social, ni mundo ni cultura se dedique a publicar o hacer propaganda de paranoias surrealistas o basura como ésta, es comprensible, se puede llegar a comprender que su cerebro, educación, no dan para más, pero que una empresa como NVIDIA publique en su canal ésta burrada, me hace pensar que los responsables de la marca o están desvariando, o tienen muchas ganas de perder clientes.

    Por favor, ya tenemos bastante con los subnormales de la tierra plana y demás mugre de internet. Qué falta de cultura y qué pérdida de tiempo y dinero de los padres en una educación que cae en un pozo por cerebro.

    Ahí tienen mi Dislike. Es de vergüenza ajena ver cómo una marca tan preferida para muchos usuarios de pc, como yo, se dedica a éstas insensateces, por no decir bufonadas. DISSAPOINTING.

  • If Occam's Razor sez: "No Gravity Required", how were they able to drive around on the moon?

    /ˈfrē ˌfôl/Submit
    1. downward movement under the force of gravity only

    That is the claim I'm debunking. Acceleration (change in velocity)
    only happens until it reaches terminal velocity (the same for all mass
    objects regardless of size [in a vacuum] or is resisted (slowed down)
    by some influence outside itself.
    First, what is weight? Weight is a measure of force applied by an object.
    What is weightlessness? It's a lack of measure of force. Does an object
    measure a weight when at rest or at terminal velocity? The answer is
    when it is at terminal velocity (non-accelerated free fall)

    force = mass x acceleration
    AND IF
    acceleration is at 0 when in non-accelerated free fall
    force (gravity or otherwise) is at 0 during non-accelerated free fall (terminal velocity)
    no source of gravity is needed to explain the falling of objects

  • Ha ha ha, don't underestimate Hollywood shooting tech, they calculated it.

  • also the orange juice?

  • What about all the tape and damage panels on the lander?

  • So… some kid build a rendering of the moon specifically to prove that the photos are real… WELL I'M CONVINCED! 😀

  • Explaining that rockets sent men on the moon to conspiracy theorists is kind of like explaining to cavemen how airplanes can fly in the sky. When you try to explain to a caveman that those loud things in the sky aren't birds and there people inside of it, the cavemen says "Ohha aoahgoa liar!"

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