Electric Skateboards, the laws seem a bit misleading!

by admin

Louis, Kalispell MT


I don’t own an electric skateboard but, a friend came over to the house with his one day and I
took it out for spin. I thought my ride would last a mile in each direction but no…..6 miles in
and I wasn’t even 20% down on batter power. For the first ride ever on an electric skateboard I
was on one of the very best boards I the world, an Evolve Bamboo GT. Enough said about that!
The ride was spectacular until I saw Red Lights come up behind me, I was getting pulled over.

I was in the far right of the lane, the apron area designated for bikes and cars that need to pull
over. The officer noted I was going over 20 mph steady and according to him I was braking two

1) I was not wearing a helmet

2) It was at a speed that he decided was unsafe for that type of motorized skateboard.

While I own the helmet thing, I should’ve been wearing one (but I didn’t know I was taking this
first ride) I don’t understand how the mild sustained speed forced me to walk back 6 miles with
out riding it or face a citation.

In so many places it’s legal to ride an Electric Skateboard, and in some places it’s flat out illegal
to really enjoy it. I do understand there are places that flat-out don’t allow it, like Germany for

Why are the laws in this county so inconsistent, and why are electric bikes allowed but not
skateboards in all viable areas?

Would I have to forgo the opportunity to buy a super skateboard like this Evolve, one that climbs hills so amazing or would I have to get an electric skateboard that won’t climb hills and be limited to a low mph or skip the entire thing all together.

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