Even AT&T knows that its 5G E icon is misleading

by admin

AT&T over the past few weeks has been on the receiving end of a lot of well-deserved criticism regarding its use of a 5G E symbol on phones that don’t actually support 5G. As you may recall, the 5G E symbol will appear on both Android and iOS devices that happen to be in areas with support for AT&T’s fastest LTE technologies.

The ‘E’ in 5G E stands for Evolution and is undeniably fast, with AT&T noting that 5G E enables “peak theoretical wireless speeds for capable devices of at least 400 megabits per second.” Is that impressive? Sure. But despite AT&T’s protestations, there’s no getting around the fact that the 5G E symbol is purposefully misleading to end users who might assume that they’re actually on a 5G network.


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