FCC’s rosy new broadband fact sheet ‘misleading,’ critics say

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The FCC has released a fact sheet on the state of broadband deployment — a preview of its upcoming report on the topic — that Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel and some broadband advocates claim misrepresents the current state of high-speed internet access in the U.S.

In the document released Tuesday, the FCC compares current data with last year’s broadband report, showing that the number of Americans lacking high-speed internet dropped by 25 percent — from 26.1 million to 19.4 million. The majority of those who gained access since last year access are shown to live in rural regions — a target area for the FCC’s recent broadband efforts.

The FCC also shows that the number of households with 100/mbps and 250/mbps internet speeds increased, as did private-sector spending on fiber and other broadband infrastructure. All of this, the fact sheet concludes, reveals broadband is “being deployed on a reasonable and timely basis.”


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