From Dana, Portland,ORMultigrain, Really What Does That Mean. A little misle…

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From Dana, Portland,OR

Multigrain, Really What Does That Mean. A little misleading, Nope A Lot Misleading. What does it Mean?

It means absolutely nothing, it’s totally nebulous, but makes people feel they’re getting something than White Bread

When shopping for healthy bread and crackers, look for the words whole grain or 100% whole wheat. It’s not enough if it says multigrain or made with whole grain.

Whole grains, (which include popcorn, brown rice, and oatmeal), have more fiber and other nutrients than those that have been refined, a process that strips away the healthiest portions of the grain.

And don’t go by color alone: Some darker breads or crackers have caramel coloring and are no healthier than highly refined white breads.



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