From RL MillerScott Pruitt is beyond misleading!Scott Pruitt is a criminal. …

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From RL Miller

Scott Pruitt is beyond misleading!

Scott Pruitt is a criminal. Yes, I’m calling him the C-word. Criminal. He’s even hired a criminal defense attorney and set up a legal defense fund.

Yesterday, Pruitt lied to Congress under oath. Again.

Of course, as a climate hawk, you understand that both ethically and morally the real travesty isn’t the lies or corruption, it’s Pruitt’s EPA threatening our air, our water, and our climate.

The latest: a Politco report detailing how the EPA has been stifling for months publication of a Health and Human Services Department study of toxic chemicals found in water supplies. The EPA’s complaint, as revealed in internal emails: release of the study would be a “public relations nightmare.” As Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) put it, it’s “unconscionable” to place public relations ahead of helping communities protect their citizens from poisons in their water.



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