Is talcum powder really safe?

by admin

Talcum powder is something that we have all used throughout our lives and has been around for a very long time. Almost every mother uses it on almost every baby, as well as using it throughout their lives, it makes skin much smoother and softer and keeps you dry. Unfortunately, talcum powder might not be quite as safe as we have been led to believe. Tolkien is a naturally occurring substance, which sometimes comes with a naturally occurring substance as best as. Asbestos is a carcinogen and is something you don’t want to deal with. If you’re old enough to remember them closing down and refitting thousands of buildings in the 70s and 80s because they were filled with asbestos insulation, you get an idea of how serious this is. asbestos is something you deftly don’t want in your life, and definitely not in your talcum powder.

The fact that some talcum has been found with asbestos in it, is not a big surprise, as we said they are found together in nature. What is the surprise, is that the companies that are collecting talcum and selling it to us have been collecting the talcum that has asbestos in it as well and not caring and still selling it. As usual, it just comes down to profits. Why ever would you spend for the extra work of making sure the talcum that you’re collecting is the correct talcum when nobody knows or cares about the asbestos. Or at least nobody cares until you get caught.

All of a sudden, it’s a big surprise that there is asbestos in talcum, and every scrambling to tell you that it’s rare, never happened, and they’re going to fix it. They have known the talcum can have as best as it for a very long time. So why weren’t these rules put into place already? Because it would cut into the profits. Now the companies and the government all look around shocked that asbestos is causing cancer in this in your talcum. As if it’s a big surprise. They’ve known that you been putting this on your baby and yourself for decades, did they care? No.

And just for a side note, even talcum without asbestos is a bit shaky on itself benefits. There have been many tests done, and interestingly enough inhaled talcum seems to have no problem and doesn’t cause lung cancer. But there are many conflicting studies that it can cause cancer buying being topically applied. Some studies say it increases cancer risk, and other studies say it doesn’t.

The international agency for research on Cancer (IARC) has classified that the use of talcum and we are not talking asbestos-contaminated talcum, just regular talcum, that genital use of talcum is possibly carcinogenic to humans.

So next time you’re powdering up with talcum, even if it’s stated to be completely asbestos-free, realize that you may be increasing your risk of cancer, or the risk of cancer of that child you’re putting it on. The question we always ask is if they know there is an increased chance of cancer, even if it’s contested at this point, the very fact that their harsh studies that have shown it can be carcinogenic should mean they should pull talcum off the shelves until we know better. Will that happen? Absolutely not, as talcum is a huge multi-million dollar industry. They would rather make the money than be safe. But then again, we’ve always known that, haven’t we?

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