Joe Paterno, just as guilty as Jerry Sandusky

by admin

CNN just obtained a document reaffirming what most people already knew. Joe Paterno was aware of Jerry Sandusky’s child abuse many years ago. Paterno, in 2001, did the very minimum by telling a school official about Sandusky raping a child on campus, but did nothing more as the child sexual attacks continued. We’re glad the Paterno Statue was removed from Penn State along with 112 NCAA football wins, because knowing of child sexual abuse and doing nothing about it makes you just as guilty as the the Sexual Predator. In the opinion of many. to simply dismiss Paterno and Sandusky from Penn State History is the best thing that can be done for the university and the community as a whole.

Joe Paterno, just as guilty as Jerry Sandusky. CNN just recently uncovered a court document confirming that Joe Paterno concealed for years what he knew about the ongoing sexual assaults by Jerry Sandusky. If Paterno was alive today he would’ve been dragged into a courtroom, found guilty, and killed in prison.

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