Kurt Cobain Conspiracy Theory | Was he Murdered?

by admin

There is a ton of evidence out there that points to Kurt Cobain being murdered rather than suicide. Lets take a deeper look! Don’t forget to drop a LIKE and …


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Razy Razy April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm


Lady Jenny April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

It's possible Kurt was killed, especially if you look at all the evidence surrounding his death.
Firstly, the police automatically called it a suicide despite the fact that there are no fingerprints on the shotgun and the pen.
Secondly, only Courtney says Rome was a suicide attempt, all others said it was an accident
Lastly, Courtney left her backpack at her lawyer's office, what was found was practice sheets of writing that matched the last lines of the so called suicide letter.
It doesn't mean he was killed, I think the police did a horrible job at contaminating the crime scene and therefore I don't think we will ever know the real truth

Litshttam April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Well, Mentors singer / drummer Eldon 'El Duce' Hoke maintained Courtney Love offered him $50,000 to kill Cobain up until his own death, a mere two days after sharing his story with BBC documentarian Nick Broomfield, interestingly…

Ryan Johns April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm


Thaspacegoat Æ April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

The fact people even debate this is proof that there are a lot of sheep. If the no fingerprint on a gun thing isnt convincing enough you're just a moron. Fingerprints don't just disappear they stay on a gun for a long time.

Thaspacegoat Æ April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

It should've been Courtney. His death had meaning for sure, murdered caused by his wife while high on a lethal amount of heroin says something…he trusted the wrong people and he got deep in the pit of smack. Rip kurt

Rajika Albjuit April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

She also acted really defensive anytime he was mentioned. Hmmmmmmm.

alphaautoworks April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

250 mg is .25 of a gram. Not that much especially for a long term user.

call me Henderson April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

People say he used his toes to push the trigger but he was wearing shoes and he couldn't have shot himself like that cause he was shot in the side of the head

Alan Spence April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

The Birch had it done, it's pretty basic gun for hire..cops are idiot's, easier to write him off, pos

MrDavenez April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Courtney had him murdered!! Point Blank Period !!! She had handwriting samples of his writing in her backpack that was found after he died !!!

John Michael April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

The handwriting in the letter in my opinion is extremely telling…and perhaps the single hand worthy of a new investigation

ruski muejek April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

I've been diagnosed with major depression for 10 years now and since then I've done heroin a handful of times nd each time I've felt the opposite of deppressed and suicidal.

Kids Future April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Read the current bizarre court documents/ trial against Courtney and co, for kidnap and attempted murder of her ex son in law (to stage it as a suicide)…. sounds familiar
The book by Tom Grant has some extra info also…

Jennifer shelonchik April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

People over 40 do watch YouTube 🤦🏼‍♀️

ImakeEarrapeGiveMeIdeasForEarrape April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

I would hunt and kill the guy that framed Kurt if i could.

Mark Farrell April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

I always thought this was a bullshit conspiracy theory. But I gotta say, that handwriting thing has intrigued me. Seems dodgy at face value, will have to look into it a bit more.

Brian Cannon April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Courtney didn't get away with this. This probably haunts her daily not to.mention when she dies she's gonna have to come to terms with this

Brian Cannon April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

If he shot himself with a shotgun wouldn't there be blood and brains everywherw!?!!??

Seamonkey Abortion April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Kurt's tires were slashed on the 25th to prevent him from running away from the intervention. Janis Parker was the only one to read the original note and she concluded that it was all Kurt. Many others have came to this conclusion to including Carole Chaski who said that Tom Grant lied and twisted her words to fit his own agenda. Kurt was more than capable of taking 225 mgs, most junkies are. He had taken 400 bucks a day in heroin, that is 2000 mgs. The handwriting practice sheets found by the nanny were old and were written in 1991 when they were first dating. They were requested by Kurt for Courtney to write them so he could break up with Mary Lou Lord. As for a motive, he was used for his money when he was suffering physically and mentally, he was nothing but a moneymaking show for people to use and if he didn't obey them they would remind him about how much they truly hated him. He was worn out, manipulated and abused by his label and the ones he loved especially Courtney. That intervention I mentioned was just another incident of them trying to pressure Kurt into playing that Lolopalooza show..

Zemora Lee April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Darby cash died in 1980… Pat smear was guitarest
Kurt dies 14 years later…
Pat smear also guitarest…mmmmmmmmm

L H April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

For the way Kurt had to have held the gun to kill himself, the shell casing would have been found on opposite side it was found

L H April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Electrician noted Kurt looked like someone had combed his hair = weird, if a.guy notices that then pretty obvious

Shadow Wolf April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

yeah..it's a sad fucking thing..the news of kurt's death/murder?!/suicide?!..has blown quite a punch in the music industry..shame..an incredible artist..one of a kind..a martir..he will be always remembered..as for the murder..i think also 2 that he was murdered..i'm guessing not by Curtney..but by somebody else paid by Courtney..if u watched the interview after kurt's passing..with EL duce..which is also dead..(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ho2nK5IQs_g&t=146) he stated..don't know if we should buy it..but..he stated that Curtney meet with him and was going to offer him 50 k..to qoute "wack Cobain,making look like a suicide, i've got the shotgun.."and he refused..so he mentioned Allen Wrench..another guy who i suspect..a crazy slimeball..and Allen stated in an hidden cammera question that she paid him 50 k to deal with kurt..and the guy was.."yeah..no problem" so i think that he was murdered..and with that high concentarion of pure heroin injected into him..was immposible to shot himseld..he would be dead in 1 to 2 minutes..according to Tom Grant and other S.P.D. the note that he left..never said anything about suicide..it was all about qouiting the music industry..getting tired to the whole thing..taking a break….except..for the last 4 lines of the note which is a total different hand wrinting..curney's attorney stated that he didn't wrote those last lines..overall..i hope that Seattle PD and Tom Grant would reopen this case..We of course want justice for Kurt and for his legacy..RIP soul of grudge.

The mad hatter The mad hatter April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Dude. Sorry you missed the 90s..it was the shit!!..I was 12 when they came out..and man they were the shit.

Alexander Darzins April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

a lot of misinformation. but some good stuff. rohypnol is the drug he overdosed on in Rome.

Ltrain44 April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Courtney doesn't own it all. Courtney and Kurts daughter Frances owns 37% of Nirvana and the other 2 members of the band own some of it also.

Zee J April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Look at a picture of Kurt Cobain next to a picture of Eminem. The resemblance is almost strange plus Kurt Cobain, Marshall Mathers, both alliteration

savay beazley April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

why would he kill himself right after his career started to taking offf

elijah27b April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Not long after Kurt was killed, the bass player for Hole, Kristen, OD'd and drowned in a bathtub. Coincidentally, Courtney Love was there! Kristen had her van packed, was leaving the band Hole, and planned on moving in the morning. See a pattern?

Feda April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

These 3 musketeers youtube channel ads are the worst in the world. Just shut up noone wants to subscribe to you.

Steved D April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Courtney didn't do it, but she is going along with it because she don't want to also commit suicide.
Kurt was murdered by the same cocksuckers who killed Prince and Michael Jackson.

Logan Wilson April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Of course that bitch killed him!he was a short man and he "killed him self" with a twelve gage shotgun. He couldn't have pulled the trigger because his arms couldn't reach. He couldn't have pulled it with his toes because he had shoes on. He was also to high on heroine to even drool let alone hold a gun. Courtney should kill her self and I pray I see her through in jail before I die. I'm only thirteen so I have some time.

Daniel Hernandez April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Kurt had that shotgun loaded with 3 rounds because he knew there was a plot against him. Unfortunately he was deceived by someone he trusted which made him an easy target. This person forced him to take a large amount of heroin probably waited to see if he died which he didn't and then took the shotgun placed with him and pulled the trigger. To tell you the truth there had to be 2 people to complete this task! I hope to God the truth comes before I leave this planet.

Dimitris P. April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

MEN not MANS MEN MEN MEN MEN MEN MEN MEN…nice video though!

Kael McIvor April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

No finger prints…damn

Dina Archila April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Wow this evidence is pretty dang convincing.

kang mina April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

I had known about the theory but never done a lot of research on it. After seeing this I definitely believe he was murdered. There's way too much evidence to not believe it in my opinion.

Dillon McIlvain April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Awesome video. I'm a HUGE Nirvana fan, and I personally think  he was murdered as well. The evidence is just there

Kevin Wolf April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

I think he was because tour famous why would u like to give it up

Street Band Gang April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Damn… he was murdered.

Bryan Hill April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Also, being a recovering heroine addict myself ( sober 3 years and still going strong). The amount of smack ( heroine) found in system could've been through out at the most one day of continuess use. Tolerance of smack varies from junkie to junkie. Not every person uses the same amount all the time, every time. Tolerance rises and falls very quickly with opiates. With kurts hibitual use( from what I've read) was very high so it wouldn't be unusual to useshoot up so much smack in a day and still function. Its possible. I've done it many times. Its to sustain and not go thru withdrawals at any given moment. Heroine withdrawal can hit u in a millisecond and go from 0 to 1000 mph in the aformentioned amount of time. The only that a huge dose can kill a user with that much heroine is if he was rigged up by someone else and after he passes out the person who shot him up would continuessly do it again and again toll there is no heart. Which can not be presumed by anyone unless you know the users tolerance and manner in which they use their smack. That's why smack users never let anyone rig them up. For fear of overdose. Every user knows their limits and knows how to manipulate their use and manipulate their high. So the only way Kurt couldve died from that much heroine at one time? Is someone rigged him up either passed out or postmortem. And by then, with no pulse to find a vein, the person who rigger up Kurt would have to, what us users call " muscling it" which means to inject but not into a vein. It's painful and takes lomger for the user to get high, but it will eventually reach the blood stream and the opaite receptors in the brain and the person will get high. I hoped this info helps. 🙂

Bryan Hill April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Nirvana sucks but I love conspiracy theories so that's why I'm digging this video.

Bryan Hill April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Nirvana sucks but I love conspiracy theories so that's why I'm digging this video.

Out Of Here April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm


Crabson The Semi-Angry rant nerd April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Justin beiber was born a month after Kurt cobain was killed coincidence….I THINK NOT

Tim Reed April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

Do a theory about 2 pac is still alive

brandon cornah April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

do a 9/11 terriorst attacks hoax video

STABB3DbyKiNg April 17, 2019 - 5:56 pm

More! More! More!

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