Opposition to Housing Bank is misleading

by admin

I am writing to address the letter that the Oak Bluffs selectmen sent to Dylan Fernandes and Julian Cyr concerning the proposed Housing Bank (MV Times 2/28/19). There are a number of significant misleading statements which belies the fact that they “—crossed their t’s and dotted their i’s …“

Although they admit that they do not know the “fine detail,” they declare that the project will have an “immediate and devastating effect on our community.”  There is nothing “immediate” about this project — it will take at least a year or longer before anything of consequence is achieved. And “devastating” is a rather harsh term to use, especially when one is ignorant of the details.

They assert that “the campaign has overlooked the town’s plans and neglected to recognize or account for the progress made.”  The Housing Bank is not intended to replace town efforts in addressing housing needs, but to supplement them. While the funds generated by the Housing Bank (and these would not only be from the new taxes) would be used to help towns build affordable housing, they would also be used to construct year-round housing which is in short supply Island wide.



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