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Church Militant is launching its Action Arm whereby investigative journalists, whistleblowers and law enforcement can coordinate their efforts in a secure manner to put corrupt clerics behind bars.

Incriminating evidence from inside sources alone is not enough to take out bad bishops as seen by the recent case of Bp. Michael J. Bransfield, former bishop of the Wheeling-Charleston diocese. Recent revelations that Bransfield misappropriated millions of dollars has not resulted in his arrest.

Whistleblowers like Siobhan O’Connor, former secretary of Buffalo’s Bp. Richard Malone’s, talking to big media isn’t enough to even get Malone to resign. Investigative journalists like Charlie Specht of Buffalo’s WKBW reporting non-stop on Malone’s many cover-ups of clerical sex abuse is not enough to see Malone resign let alone have him arrested. Church Militant realizes that investigative reporting and bad PR isn’t enough to clean up the deeply rooted corruption within the Catholic Church.

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