THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE Here are the misleading issues that everyone needs to know!

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It is claimed that the dirtiest fossil fuel in the world, Tar Sands, is only going to pollute an additional 17% over conventional fossil fuels, during the entire utilization of Alberta Canada’s Tar Sands. This is not true and is a horrible underestimate. The earths’ climate balance can be greatly effected by this “subtle” underestimate.

Know this, the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline would pump 900,000 barrels of extra-dirty oil daily through
the fertile breadbasket of the United States to the Gulf Coast from where it can be exported overseas.
The pipeline would hobble the steps the country is making in its ongoing battle against climate change. Americans are already experiencing the consequences of climate change, at home and in their pocketbooks, with more frequent and stronger storms, raging wildfires, and drought

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David Ravo, Managing Partner,

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