Today's Political Atmosphere: Facts Versus Fake – Facts

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In the last few years, we have noticed, a much greater degree of polarization, rather than any attempts, towards unifying, for the common good, and an attempt to forge / create, a meeting – of – the – minds. Each side of the political spectrum, is somewhat guilty, because they often articulate a less than complete story / description, often, cherry-picking, in order to make political gains, especially with their base, and / or, core supporters. However, since Donald J. Trump was elected President, fact – checkers have calculated, he has either lied, or made, extremely, false and distorting statements, an average of, over six times, per day. It often, sees, he, either, does not care about the truth, or, is, sometimes, something of, a pathological liar. He has made anyone, or anything, which disagreements with him, or calls – him – out, on what he claims, to be, Fake – Facts. While we are all enticed to our personal opinions, we are not entitled to creating our own set, of personal facts! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, explore and review, the subject of, actual / reality, versus fake – facts.

1. What makes something, a fact ?: The topic of what might be factual, rather than less than truthful, often, becomes a rather, blurred difference, of opinion, because, many, on each side, become unreasonable zealots, and unwilling to even consider, anything, which may not, fit neatly, within their personal / political agenda, and / or, serve their self – interest. Our present, President, even denies, his own statements, respect them, being witnessed, and / or taped. His statements evolve, as his needs change, and / or, when he sees to believe, his political survival, may be challenged, threatened, or he perceives, it, as such! There is no such thing, as alternate truths, or alternate facts, because, either something is real, and true, or it’s not (that makes it a lie!).

2. Blurred – lines: Politicians, often, articulate messages, which create blurred – lines, between reality, and perception, as well as being far more self – serving, than assisting the citizens, they were elected, to represent. We have observed this, as it relates, to the environment (Trump claims he disagrees with the scientists about climate change), to claims of election fraud (while he claims, his opponents are guilty of this, the only evidence discovered, are incidents by members of his own party), and, to almost anything about Russia (which, despite convictions, records, emails, and lots of other evidence, indicate, at the very least, there was some illegal activity).

It seems, certain politicians feel, we can not take the truth, because, because, they, so rarely state it! Have not you had enough of fake – facts? Should not we demand, politicians and elected officials, have, with far more integrity?


Source by Richard Brody

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