Warning to Parents: Make Sure Your Vacation Rental Home is Child Safe

by admin

It’s no secret that kids are curious.

And that curiosity only increases when they enter a new environment, like a rented vacation home, with so many new items to explore.

Nancy Cowles is the Executive Director of Kids in Danger, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating parents about child and product safety.

She said with more parents opting for vacation rentals through popular housing apps, it’s important to know if the home you’re staying in is safe for your child.

Cowles said tip-over accidents are the most prevalent among small children.

“A tip-over accident is when a child is either opening drawers to get clothes out of them, or maybe even using it to step up and get something on top of the dresser, the unit is unstable and will tip over on them, trapping them underneath it. It’s a very common hazard that some people are aware of,” she said.

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