Have you ever felt unsatisfied with the explanation of a strange event? Find out why we often come up with and believe conspiracy theories. How Safe Are Self …



  • Because they're usually ignorant and uneducated, and their small minds can't comprehend complex facts or idea.

  • History has shown time and time again people conspire, usually for political or financial gain. I don't think in the past ~100 years people all of a sudden decided to stop doing it. And with that said, when conspiracies occur, people will theorize about them. I personally don't think it's wrong to do, I mean if a crime is being committed, why should it not be investigated? If the crime didn't occur then the conspiracy theorist will have no valid evidence to support it.

    Things change as more evidence is found. 20 years ago people thought you were crazy if the government was collecting info on you, now people think you are crazy if you don't think the government is collecting info on you.

  • No, it's not to assassinate malaysias president it's in order to get enough material together from all those socks to make a big blanket which can cover the flat earth sky dome to stop the nephilim giants from peering in and spying on us.

  • I had an accident 8 years ago, seat belts DO save lives!

  • Seatbelts dont save lives. The government is in bed with the auto industry to make lower quality seatbelts that break on impact to cut down on over population. This is a new conspiracy im starting. Lets see if it catches on.

  • Communist Manifesto, Rothschilds, Rockafellas, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, Depopulation agenda, Transhumanist agenda, flouridation agenda, Monsanto, Tavistock institute, Order of the golden dawn, OTO, Albert Pike, Cecil Rhodes, Carroll Quigley, Trotsky, Bertrand Russell, Karl Marx, Lennin, Skull and Bones, Yale, Freemasonry, Beast central computer, Beast presidential car, 666 barcode on every product on every shelf in every shop in every country, World Banks, cloven hoof hand sign in world leaders speeches, vesica piscis hand sign, hidden hand/lions paw, transgender agenda being normalised, mass murder of babys in the womb by witches who control planned parenthood, Bible telling us of the interfaith movement to combine all false religions into one, global wars everywhere until there is false peace and worship of the beast throughout the earth and digital currency only, Trumps wall for the martial law and riots population control, real terrorism in conjunction with government paid crisis actors scripting and staging terrorism and mass shootings to make people give up their rights and liberties, removing God from school assemblies and bibles from schools and hotels, stratospheric aerosol spraying of heavy metals particles, Bill and Melinda Gates sterilising children all over the world, Madeline Mccane child sacrifice and narrative to have your child microchipped for safety and tracking, pedophiles running gvernment and arm of the government propaganda machine known as BBC limited company, extra terestrials/ET's are demons Madam Blavatski and Aleister Crowley link to Hitler and EU, Stanley Kubrick , Disney and NASA faking moon landing, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong coded confession, NASA admit we can't go through the Van Allen belt of radiation and also say we "lost our technology to return to the moon" BS

    Trust Jesus. Perfect love casts out all fear. Share the gospel while you have the time to do so

  • What a bunch of CIA bullshit propaganda..

  • Stop calling people who belive in Conspiracy Theories Crazy

  • Moon landings were faked by a handful of people probably, they worked the rest of them

  • I'm not scared of shit bra

  • I believe all conspiracy theories are a conspiracy to distract simple minded people from the real problems of the world.

  • Funny how a video like this and some fake reinforcing comments can quickly change your mind to a more "shut up and comply" mindset. Interesting. #ismellaconspiracy

  • BECAUSE MOST OF THESE THEORIES ARE TRUE…..the general public are morons

  • here is a stupid idiot telling the world you don't know what is what,

  • why do so many people believe in conspiracy theories? Because mainstream media is dead! Have you seen what they print nowadays? It's usually about some rapper hoe's a**e, what colours the Kardashians are wearing today, and who's on the next idiotic 'reality' TV show. This is seriously dumbing down the population.

  • Every time you listen to Conspiracy Theories, you turn off your brain.

  • His head looks the same upside down

  • Can we rename the backfire effect the trump supporter effect?

  • And what makes this guys believe everything he believes. You're taught only to know what has always been known. Nothing is real.

  • Because the bigger majority of people believe in lies and are professionals in self manipulation. People love to feel comfortable. And when u tell them about true things, they distance themself from u. These are the same types who question nothing but follow trends and know more about nicki minaj's ass than about reality. But i don't know if the annunaki (Shapeshifters) are real

  • That seatbelt law is just an excuse to initiate a traffic stop where the cop "smells" cannabis

  • Conspiracies are silly beliefs that's why, like when people say Bush did 9/11 or 9/11 was an "inside job", just saying..

  • I agree with this video but I'm not convinced on global warming.

    NASA has said the world is getting colder in 2011 I believe. And plants breath carbon gases and exhale oxygen.

    Now if people are not careful of the world around then yes it can be devastating to the planet carbon gases causing global warming I find to be nonsense. And plus they are not calling it global warming now its climate change. Climate always changes and you cannot stop nature.

  • How much they paying this geek?

  • About conspiracies, there are the true ones which have been acknowledged as true, there are the true ones which are not acknowledged as true yet, and which are therefore acknowledged as wrong, and there are the ones which are really wrong, and so not acknowledged as true, and which never will.

  • the lunar landing was a cold war lie

  • I keep seeing these paedophile apologist videos. I think the explanation is you're a larp paedo forced to make this shit instead of death by brutal rape in prison for your terrible crimes. Oh look, too late paedo. Rip. Wwg1wga

  • I've found a lot of times conspiracy theorists are not necessarily always fueled by fear and confrimation bias but rather the conspiracy theory is just a fabricated excuse or justification for the persons behavior. Either way these guys are just bullshitters no matter the reasons.

  • try explain the illuminati card game and the cards that was ahead of their time created before the events happend? that chould be proof enough. need i say more? seeker thinks that big numbers makes things true. thats really gullible.

  • You can't say you have seat belt laws for your own safety in which you are fined. No one believes your thrown free on a pillow. Seat belt laws here are so you don't become a potential projectile in my country.

  • It's called not believing everything you read.

    It's not conspiracy. It's easier to go along with media than against. It's called having a brain and analysing things for yourself

  • You look like Gregor Samsa.

  • conspiracies….best american jokes

  • Re Losing socks in the dryer:

    They slip between the rubber guard and the tumbler. After a while, this can start a fire. Replace your dryer after every 10 lost socks.

  • Excellent video. Cannot watch conspiracy theory video's without pulling my hair out. Especially flat earthers. Disturbing!

  • Some conspiracy theories turned out to be true. Like US spying on everyone and MKUltra.

  • When men cant get a beautiful woman, they start to tell themself that she is ugly from the inside or that she is a "he"…and then… all the models started to be a "he"…
    The stupid shit about "beautiful women are transgender" is a men stupid shit.

    And sorry for my english

  • planet x/ nibiru/ nemesis

  • Rich coming from a scrawny no brained gimp who just babbles without any show of facts. You're fucking worthless.

  • There are people who believe Global warming is not real, that the Earth is flat, that one race is intrinsically better than another…. Conspiracy theories are a still alive and kicking in our society!

  • Maybe it's because of the mere fact that so many…life altering events are out of our control.

  • and your praising the self driving cars? what fucking sell outs, people have fucking arms we know how to drive ourselves we are not going to let machines control us you dumbass sell outs

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