About Us

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Powered by Fact Checkers Anonymous, we’re a group of people that are tired of the political double speak on BOTH sides.

From our founders: D & K.

“Since the beginning of time, propaganda has had the authority to exploit, select or omit the news. Decisions aren’t made in a shady location off the news floor, a battlecry is presented to the respective audiences with a religious verocity.  Pick a team, any team mainstream or fringe and let the misleading stories wash all over you.

We made it our job to clarify the misleading statements of the world and  eliminate what’s distorted in a way free from allegiance, associations, agenda, friendships and bias.

How do you do it?

Objective instead of subjective is the key.

Create a cocoon of an almost stoic self-banishment and realize that we’ve actually created a niche’ in the modern era of news. A value, a differentiation that exists by the absence of deviation and the pursuit of genuine honesty bolstered by careful verification methods.”