L.A. Division of FBI Warns of Scammers Using Real FBI Phone Number in Calls Demanding Money

The Los Angeles division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned the public Thursday about scammers who are using the


5 Ways Writers Use Misleading Graphs To Manipulate You

In this post-truth era, graphs are being used to skew data and spin narrative like never before. Especially with the velocity


CONSPIRACY THEORIES: (5 UFO Conspiracy theories YOU NEED to know)

Conspiracy theories and 5 UFO Conspiracy Theories you really need to know! Watch these 5 really intriguing theories. IPAD STAND:

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  • April 25, 2019
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Conspiracy Theories: A Symptom of Bad (Often Religious) Ideas

Do you believe in any conspiracy theories? If your answer is yes, chances are that belief is predicated on a


Conspiracy Theories: How I Became Fake News | Richard Gutjahr | TEDxMarrakesh

This is a true story about love and hate. A story about trust and despair A story about the internet

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  • August 13, 2019
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